“I am a product designer/inventor who has made several success stories whilst becoming a budding entrepreneur”

Personal Profile:

I am a very hard working and conscientious person who works to the best of my abilities. I like to participate in many activities that encourage developing new skills and experience.

Why Lecture Verb? 

I have witnessed through-out my Lifelong Learning that help is not at hand precisely when you want it.
My idea of help is to be able to pick up the phone and ask someone precisely what I’m after and for them to understand. Like calling a friend.
During my time in Education, I found it difficult to articulate questions to ask the Teachers, yet my peers would understand what it is I am struggling with, and would often help finish my sentences for me.
I made it through my Bachelors Degree with Honors, despite being dyslexic and not receiving the right support.
A few years after graduation, while researching my difficulties in the education system, I decided to work with young people who would benefit from peer to peer support, the kind I wasn’t able to acquire in my early college years.
This led me to develop the idea of the Lecture verb App.

What is Lecture Verb?

The main motivation is to enable student and none students to do more themselves, within today’s educational system using Digital App Technology
I have a passion for music and have often used recordings for study purposes to revise for my exams. I want to be able to use audio more as a technology. In education, where group discussions are like the musical equivalent of a lyrical session.
People have their say and welcome everyone else to get involved and to enjoy the whole experience as a collaborative effort.

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