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One great challenge students face is not being able to fully digest the information they are given in a lecture room.

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Why Choose It

Lecture verb is a platform for students and the public who want to immerse them self in Learning.

We create an environment that enables this notion, developing an application that opens you to a new world of E-learning We offer a range of learning tools in a three tier engagement arena.

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We offer verbal Audio and video interaction in a social education environment with dynamic tools to cater communication and learning.

We build communities within Tier sectors providing cross collaboration between communities of the same tier.

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Learning management security at the forefront of guarantee.

We guarantee security; we also guarantee full control of sight and sound when involved in the learning conditions of retention.

The Business is a cloud-connected mobile application that works as an active E-learning platform.

For students and none students, tutors, teachers, and Lecturers.

We enable students to access their university lectures, listen to them off-line and have conversations around subjects of study, without worrying about losing the valuable things they learn.

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Lecture Verb App

An act beyond the walls of a classroom makes learning easy, stress-free





6 days ago

Academic institutions
Promote our presence by engaging students and Lecturers upon our Values and services.

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1 week ago

The Best Lecture App is Lecture verb!!!

Currently we Developing the Best Version one App for the android App Market. Support the project now!

So many Students and Lecturers use android devices we ... See more

1 week ago

Hey Guys Check out lecture verb website for some new events and Blogs. Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter's
get the link to last year 2018 NUS conference.
this year we aim to ... See more

2 weeks ago

Lecture verb App for Lecturers, Students, Public Speakers
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4 weeks ago

updates, bug fixes on the search library,
bug fixes on lecture verb recording Merger system.

In other L.V. News The CEO as recorded a podcast speaking on Participation certificates.
A participation ... See more


Lecture verb Febuary 2019 News Letter

Lecture verb Febuary 2019 News Letter

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  Hello Everyone Hope you all Had a great Last Month January was very slow for us here at Lecture verb HQ. we are developing still. […]

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